Wednesday, January 13, 2010

California, Here We Come

Hard to believe that after months of scouring the Internet for the perfect vacation pad, days spent dreaming up all the things we can do, hours engaged in training our two Maine Coon cats to go into their new cat carriers (Not an easy task!), we are less than a day away from blowing the winter tundra and flying off to California. Am I a tad stressed? You bet I am! Try figuring out what to pack for two months. After all, I'm a gal who likes to look good and, while I'm taking plenty of funky Berkeley attire, I do want to dress for the ballet or a dinner at Chez Panisse.

And what's a trip without hormones, a netty pot, gobs of stuff for my hair, and vitamins up the wazoo? Open one of my suitcases and you'll find a virtual drug store . . . oh, and enough shoes to fill a shelf in any self-respecting shoe store. I know, the less the better. And as my husband keeps reminding me, we do have a washer and dryer at our behest. But never mind! Whether it's hiking in the Redwoods, touring the wine country, visiting the museums of San Francisco, or hanging out on our deck toward sunset, I'm going to look and feel G-O-O-D.

Traveling with two cats for the first time could go off without a hitch or could be as grueling as traveling with two two-year-olds who hate flying, get nasty earaches, and cry their lungs out for hours on end. I'm most concerned about Zuni, our almost 7-year-old. He's a talker - not the standard meow but more like "Hello." Hello, hello, hello, hello . . . over and over again until the closed door is opened, the petting meets his fancy, or the morning treats have been doled out. So, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the "absolutely safe" tranquilizers will knock both him and Augie out and that the movement of the airplane will lull them into an even deeper sleep.

We'll be "storing" the cats under the seats in front of us. Southwest Airlines' rules are matter of fact: Cats must stay put during the entire trip. Their bodies must be entirely closed. No heads or tails sticking out at any time during the flight. If they get sick, there will be no medical assistance. If they need, oxygen, tough. And for this, we get to pay $75 per cat each way.

Minor roadblocks aside, I'm chomping at the bit to take this adventure. California, here we come!

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Lynne Jordan said...

Good luck dear and good luck with the cats! But wait! You are there! where's the update? Hurry, I'm dying to hear about the fight over...